The awarding ceremony will be held in the Khudozhestvenny cinema

on October 25, 2021, 19:00.

From 20 to 24 October film screenings from the shortlist of the

Film Award "East-West. Golden Arch" will be taken place at the Grand Hall of the

West wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery, which will be supported by the

Development and Support Fund of Social and Cultural, Charitable,

Scientific and Educational projects "R. A. Fund".




Eurasia — the largest continent on the planet — is the cradle of ancient civilizations and cultures. To this time, they continue to evolve intensively.


Hence, the focal point of our interest is that area as a whole. An entity, which always has and still exists geographically and historically in the gap between Europe and Asia. That expanse where the multinational cinema of the former Soviet Union was formed, as well as the brilliant cinemas of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.


Even now, in the new political environment, this area retains features of its historical mentality and that explosive energy which is born at the junction of traditions and cultures. It is the genesis of amazing artistic achievements and discoveries.


Film Award «East-West. Golden arch» seeks to encourage and promote these discoveries, to draw attention to compelling artistic processes, which take place here and which are often overshadowed by more commercial, predominantly English-language cinema. We want every distinct and authentic voice coming from this territory to be heard.


We know that there are many prestigious movie awards in Europe and Asia. Our award is not set to compete and is open to cooperation. We also understand that developing our project properly and achieving a respectable image requires time and much effort. Please consider this first attempt as a pilot. In the future, we plan to improve and fine-tune the procedure of the Award as needed.


Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Croatia, Czech Republic


The Confederation of the Filmmakers Unions

Alexander Gorchakov
Public Diplomacy Fund



​1. General provisions
1.1.  The International Film Award "East – West. The Golden Arch" is granted for achievements in cinematography to the authors of the best films produced in the countries of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.
1.2.  The award will be granted following the results of voting by a jury of foreign film critics and journalists covering the culture and cinema in Eastern Europe and Western Asia from countries that did not submit their films for participation in the contest.
The tasks of the Film Award are:
• Developing the ties between national film industries in the countries of the above region;
• Disseminating information on cultural diversity and new talents in cinematography in these countries;
• Promoting the best films of national film industries in the world film markets;
• Contributing to the film industry and film distribution development, studying and analyzing the experience, traditions, and achievements of national film industries in the region;
• Enhancing the audience interest in the film industry of Eastern Europe and Western Asia;
• Creating a unified cinema database in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

1.4.  The prize is awarded in the following nominations: “Best feature film”; “Best documentary”; “Best debut”;  “Best director”; “Best screenplay”; “Best cinematography”; “Best art director”; “Best music”; “Best lead actor”; “Best lead actress”; “Best supporting actor”; “Best supporting actress”; “For contribution to cinema”.
1.5.  The prize is awarded annually to the authors of films released over the year (with possible exceptions for countries where films are not released annually).
1.6.  A film and/or work in a film can be nominated for the Film Award by Filmmakers' Unions, film institutes, professional cinematographic associations in the countries of the region, as well as independent producing entities, private production companies, film magazines, festivals, and media partners of the Award. All films must be submitted in their original languages with English subtitles. Submitting a film or work in a film by its copyright holders shall mean their full agreement with the regulations and accepting the fact that these works will be available for viewing by all members of the Selection Board and the International Jury via links or videos. Each submitted film must be reviewed by all members of the Selection Board. Applications will be accepted until June 30.
2. Order of the competition
2.1.  The selection committee working to draw up a long list of films submitted for the Award. The selection round is held from March 1 to July 14 this year. The Award long list will be transferred to the Jury for voting on July 15.
2.2.  When voting in the first round, each member of the Jury shall choose three positions in each nomination. The first round will be held on July 15 to July 30.

2.3.  The Award short list will be drawn up based on the first-round results to include three nominees with the most votes of the Jury in each nomination. The nominees will be announced alphabetically. The list of winners can be extended by adding films (works) that received the greatest but equal number of votes. The short list announcement date is July 31.

2.4.  When voting in the second round, each Jury member may choose no more than one nominee in each nomination. The second round will be held on August 1 to 20. To summarize the voting, the second-round results will be transferred to the Counting board.
2.5.  The winners in the second round of the contest will be the nominees with the most votes in each nomination. The list of winners can be extended by adding the works that received the greatest but equal number of votes.

2.6.  The contest results will be sealed in envelopes and kept by the Secretary of the Film Award Board.
2.7.  The prize winner in the nomination "For Contribution to cinema" will be determined by the Board of Trustees and the Award Board.
3. The Counting committee
3.1.  To count the votes of the Jury, a Counting Board will be established, composed ofan independent law office and the Secretary of the Film Awards Board.
4. The award ceremony will take place in Moscow in October 2021. In the future, the ceremony can be held alternately in different cities of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The Film Award ceremony will be attended by nominees, Jury members, and guests of honor. Each nominee will be issued a certificate. Each winner will receive a certificate and a Golden Arch statuette.
5. A round table with a press conference with leading international news agencies will become an expert platform for discussing the current situation in the field of culture and art. The round table will include a discussion on the best practices in cinematography.

6. As part of the project, the following educational space will be created: 

6.1. A workshop to allow for novice professionals: directors, playwriters, critics, producers, actors, and journalists, who are studying in Russia, to get acquainted with the outstanding works of filmmakers from different countries of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

6.2. Online master classes with honored cultural workers. The special thing about these master classes is availability not only for the Award participants, but also for other novice professionals in the Russian and international film industry.

6.3. Survey of at least 150 participants to create a community for future collaboration and to maintain professional contacts.


By clicking the "Submit" button, I confirm my authority as the rightholder or representative
of the rightholder to provide the film materials for participation in the competition.